About us

Our history

APZ d. d. is a civil engineering and consulting company based in Zagreb. It was founded through the Decree of the Government of the People's Republic of Croatia dated 18 March 1946 of founding the National Civil Engineering Office with the task of (as stated in the Decree) drawing architectural plans and studies for all types of architectural and civil engineering facilities, regulations, renewals and tracing as demanded by public institutions and individual clients.

As the first civil engineering institution of its kind, the Office brings together a concentration of experts hitherto unprecedented in Croatia. In November 1947 the Office changed its name into Arhitektonski projektni zavod (APZ).

The first priority tasks of necessary rebuilding (housing, roads, railways, schools) were followed by projects of capital construction related to the sectors of economy, industry and energetics. APZ's civil engineering experts in their high quality work meet the society's most diverse demands and requirements, taking into consideration functionality and aesthetics, financial possibilities, as well as recent technological developments. Within the interdependency of these elements, APZ's experts create recognizable and relevant architecture oriented towards the future, reflecting at the same time their own time and space. The company's history was shaped by important names such as Tučkurić, Tušek, Plehati, Kauzlarić, Ostrogović, Delenardo, Novak, Haberle, Bartolić, Horvat, Kauzlarić, and many others.

With undiminished concentration of professional designing potential, APZ maintains the continuity of business activities, transforming itself as necessary. The transformation presupposes variously structured working groups, according to the demands of designing and civil engineering tasks and market circumstances. All this, of course, with the aim of most efficient creative and business results.
APZ continues to preserve these traditions after the Homeland war and the institution of the Croatian state. The rebuilding of the country once again defines the nature of civil engineering activities.

The growing trends of economy, changes in ownership relations, globalization and liberalization of the market – capital and profit on one, and strategic development on the other hand – exert considerable influence on the nature of investments. The consequences of these factors to urban planning, architectural design and civil engineering all define the new business era and necessarily expand the scope of APZ’s activities, introducing new challenges appropriately met by APZ and its experts.

APZ is justly considered an important participant in the creation of the history of modern architecture in Croatia, as the leader within a wide range of designing and civil engineering activities. By continuing that tradition, APZ realizes its present-day oeuvre, driven by the desire to be considered part of relevant history in the years yet to come.